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How to check aadhar card linked status of bank account?

Now a day it is very important that your aadhar number linked with your bank. According to new rule of government each and every bank account will be attached with respective customer’s aadhar number. Many accounts and aadhar holders are looking to check aadhar card linked status with bank accounts, it is very easy and simple process which is available on aadhar self service portals.

Many banks have given online facilities to link aadhar card without going any branch. If you applied for attachment of aadhar card with your bank accounts and looking to know the status of aadhar card whether linked or not then UIDAI website has facilities to check online. You are curious to know about how to check aadhar card linked status with bank accounts so the full details are given in below section.

Why it is necessary to link bank account with aadhar card?

If government is linking bank account with aadhar card then there is some big planning going on and that is to change the whole financial system to eradicate middle man. People attached with aadhar card with bank account they are eligible for participation of various government projects. List of some benefits which is available for all those people who attached bank account with aadhar card.

So Benefits are:-

  • Direct Benefits Transfer Scheme like LPG Subsidy, Kerosene Subsidy etc
  • Central Government scholarship scheme benefits
  • MNREGA wages Transfer to only aadhaar linked accounts
  • Welfare Funds, Pensions, Scholarship direct benefits transfer scheme

Steps to check bank accounts and aadhar card linked status

It is three steps process which will be executed on the aadhar self service portals but many don’t know how to check linked status of aadhar card and banks.

Learn each step with the help of proper screenshot. Some sections are highlighted with colour and you should enter aadhar number, security code etc detailed on respective blank section.

So steps:-

  • Stpe 1:- Open Page for checking aadhar card and bank accounts status by clicking here
  • Step 2:- You will get page like below given image so you need to enter aadhar number and security code in the respective boxes.
  • Step 3:- In the end of the image one tab is there which is for verify so click on that and get to know about the current bank and aadhar card verification status.