Aadhaar Status in Andra Pradesh


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  1. hrishikesh says:

    hello sir, I am hrishi kesh and i have faced difference between the spelling of my actual name and the name displayed in aadhar card. How can i rectify this problem.

  2. rizwana ather afreen says:

    My enrolment # 1171/00117/02467 dtd 29.03.11- so far i didn’t receive any card- all my family member have received the cards. Kindly send the card at the earliest.

  3. Sharanjot Singh says:

    Dear sir/madam
    my unik id’s reciept date 16/06/2011. But m D’nt Recieved my Id card. Whats Problem. Plz reply me soon as soon.

  4. Sharanjot Singh says:

    dear sir/madam
    My enrlmnt No. is 1207/01021/00279. I belong to Anupgarh(Rajasthan). i make receipt on Unik Id’s dated on 16/06/2011, But after one year m d’nt Receav my Unik id card. Please help me.

  5. n sreedhar kumar says:

    my aadhar card Enrollment No. 11901152401544 dated 28.08.2011 time 11.30.32 . I have checked in your website it shows that the aadhar card delivered. How can it possible.

  6. Ramani Ponnapalli says:

    dear sir,
    we enrolled our aadhaar cards in hyderabad through Karvy Data Management Services on 19/7/2011. but now we shifed from hyd to mumbai, don’t know cards or delivered or not.how to get the cards.

  7. sai says:

    may i know ardhar enrollment centres in madhuri

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