About UIDAI:- UIDAI is short form of “Unique Identification Authority of India” which is established by central government in 2009. It is now become a statutory authority established under the “Aadhar Act 2016”. UIDAI is an organisation which provides Aaadhar Number, based on application form. It also manages and plans whole systems of aadhar. UIDAI has responsibility to provide unique aadhar to each individual who applied for new aadhar card. According the Aadhar Act 2016, UIDAI has full responsibility for aadhar card enrollment, its authentication and all aadhar life cycle like making policy, procedure adopting for making and providing aadhar, security of identity information and authentication documents of each individuals.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number which is allocated by UIDAI as per applicant’s identity information and authentication documents. It is given to all individual without any differentiation on caste, creed, religion or geography. Aadhar card number is generated one time for India people who will provide identification document with biometric details. It is valid for life time and you can’t change 12digit number but you can edit and change aadhar details.

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Aadhar offered various services online as well as offline. Government is trying to boost online or digital works through the various self service portals. Many aspirants are looking to know about various online services and its working procedure. So you can learn about various UIDAI services procedures through below given section.

Aadhar Card Usage and Benefits

Aadhar has replaced all other identity cards in last five years. So the usage of aadhar card has been increased tremendously across the countries in various government offices as well as private offices. People who have aadhar cards they will get lot of benefits through that and you can check list of such benefits.

  • You can use it in any government works as identity proof.
  • Aadhar will be used as identity proof for banking, ration card, passport, mobile phone connections, etc.
  • People will take benefits through the Direct Benefits Transfer scheme like Ration Card, LPG Subsidy etc
  • Through Aadhar, you can make passport in 10 days.
  • By using of aadhar, you will easily withdraw your EPF money
  • Jan Dhan Bank accounts will be opened with aadhar card only